“In the mini-way? What is it? An altered version of the song by Xutos e Pontapés?”, you may be asking yourself. Calm down, let’s explain!

Basically, in this blog post we are going to tell you about a day when the minis (= children) created something their own way, obeying only one rule: yours!

Work developed at XTREME

On June 1, 2022, we visited the Associação O Meu Lugar no Mundo, which promotes the education of children and young people from vulnerable families in Bonfim, as a form of social inclusion.

We all know that when we are children, imagination has no limits.

We create games with unexpected things like grass and cardboard. We design unique and unrepeatable illustrations on the walls and sofas as if the house were our first gallery. We pronounce sounds and words that probably only existed and will exist out of our mouths.

Our inspiration comes mainly from us, from our purest essence.

Furthermore, we do not seek to make it perfect. We want it to be something special for us at that very moment. That it makes sense while it has to make sense, in the present.

As adults, we forget many of these things, but we are aware that creativity is the key to many doors. This key is outlined with all these experiences we are exposed to and are exposed to as simple (and wonderful) children.

It was with this in mind that we wanted to give the minis the opportunity to express themselves in their most natural and creative way to paint their pair of sneakers that from then on became unique and inimitable.

These kids customized sneakers as they pleased. In hand, colored pens and totally white sneakers. In the mind, a swarm of ideas!

What could be a normal Children’s Day became an opportunity to show them that they too can be whatever they want and can use creativity to express themselves and create their vision of the world while making it a more beautiful place, in their own right. mini way! As long as they and the amazing pairs they created exist, it will be.

If you want to know more about the My Place in the World Association and its role in the lives of 103 families, click here to visit the website.