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Inspired by the shape of the flower as an organic symbol of nature, a symbol was stylized that was at the same time contemporary and that represented the delicacy of Flor d’Aveiro.
In the design process, the shape of the “F” was created, reminiscent of a petal, and the symbol can work independently, creating a strong and timeless image.

Branding playdust
Architecture ânia gabriel abrantes
Photography ivo tavares studio

Logo Flor D'Aveiro


The renowned and awarded Flor D’Aveiro pastry shop needed to reinvent itself and, taking advantage of a complete interior overhaul by the architect Ânia Gabriel Abrantes, rebranded itself.

Outdated, the latter had a lily as its main element. The exercise was carried out based on this principle, seeking to synthesize and simplify as much as possible this highly marked and transversal element in the branding, while maintaining a small reference, in this case in the “f”.

Our main goal was to elevate the brand, making it more sophisticated and refined, in line with the interior architecture project. The work carried out was transversal to its packaging and signage.